Domestic Rubbish Removal

rubbish truckRobert's Rubbish Services are available across the Melbourne Metropolitan area to load and take your rubbish.

If you need your rubbish problem solved in a hurry, please call us on 9820 1927 to arrange an appointment.

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Green Waste Removal

green waste removalSo you recently conquered, or are in the process of battling to reconquer your garden, and you now need to dispose of the mountain of green waste. Rob's Rubbish Services provide green waste disposal specialists in the Melbourne area and can solve your excess green waste problems, making it disappear from your life.

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Renovation Cleanup Services

renovation rubbishIf you're renovating, then you know that the worst part of any renovation is the cleanup. The waste and rubbish that accumulates during your renovation project can quickly take over your property. Skip bin hire along with the cost of permits can get expensive if you need them over several days or weeks.

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Property Sale Cleanup

property sale cleanupIt's difficult to evaluate a property for sale when it is covered in junk or the garden isn't looking that great. Our property cleanup and garden cleanup services are available to our Melbourne clients, adding thousands of dollars of value before selling or leasing a property.

Don't get caught short before inspection day, let us solve your problem by taking the rubbish away.

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