Frequently Asked Questions

What Sort of Rubbish Wont We Take?

We don't take "wet rubbish", meaning food scraps or liquid waste. We also do not take hazardous materials such as asbestos. Please seperate any hazardous or wet rubbish/waste from that which you want taken away by Robert's Rubbish Services.

If you do have hazardous waste that needs to be removed, we can make arrangements and quote for a third party to remove it for you.

What Types of Rubbish Do We Take?

We take household effects, furniture, whitegoods, cardboard, green/garden waste, timber, concrete

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

This depends on two main factors:

1. Volume of Rubbish in cubic metres

2. Loading Time

Quotes are given free on site with NO OBLIGATION.

I Don't Have Much Rubbish. Is There A Minimum?

We don't have an official minimum load per client. No load too small or too large

Can You Do Limited Access Jobs?

Yes! Our smaller utility vehicles can get us into tight lane-ways and other limited access areas where bin services cannot.

What Are Our Accepted Payment Methods?

Cash, Cheque, Money Order, Direct Deposit and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) are accepted.

NOTE: When making EFT or Bank Deposit payments, please make sure you identify payment with your name. Otherwise we may not be able to identify your payment. If this is not possible, please provide receipt details of the transfer in an email using our Contact Form